Monday, November 3, 2008


I started getting a cold last night and it's gotten progressively worse. This afternoon Ezra started whining and acting a bit odd, saying, "I NEED Babba. I NEED hug. I NEEEEEED Babba." I was getting packed up go to go my parents' house so my mommy could take care of me a bit (feed me soup and give me a hug, basically). Well, when we got there Ezra was being whiny still so I picked him up and was cradling him and realized he felt really warm. So I took him temperature. 104. Um, yeah. I gave him Tylenol and a sippy cup of ice water and sat him in front of his movie (Cars). He was sort of out of it, but when I asked him how he felt he said, "good." Maybe because he basically watched TV all day LOL My temperature was up to 101. Ezra's did eventually break and he seems pretty fine except for a bit of a runny nose. I'll probably give him another dose of Tylenol at around midnight. I don't usually rush to treat illnesses, but 104 is HIGH. The kid was burning up.

I feel pretty crappy. Super congested, drippy nose, sore throat, headache, all that good stuff. Plus the fever that comes and goes. The babies seem fine today, but over the past week they've been really not fine. I kept trying to figure out what was wrong with them. They were super fussy or crying a lot of the time; in fact for a few hours Saturday morning, Ari was screaming inconsolably, poor guy. Their cheeks were red off and on, and hot to the touch, but their bodies didn't seem hot so I never took temperatures. Ari has a touch of a cough, too, but I thought at first it was just irritation from his daring attempt to take a bite out of Ezra's banana (he gagged and spit it out lol). So hopefully they've been sick too and are now better, and that explains the past week plus means they're already through with it.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I'm nervous and excited. I was hoping to hand out water and snacks to people waiting in polling lines, but I'm too sick, unfortunately. My parents bought an expensive bottle of champagne. We're going over there in the evening. I hope, and suspect, we will be able to celebrate before midnight!

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