Monday, December 8, 2008

I Don't Like Winter

First off, winter is cold. I don't like cold. And cold to me is anything less than 70 degrees (laugh all you want, I stand firm in that conviction). It's been in the 50s here, and I don't like it. Oddly, it's supposed to be in the 70s for the next two days before dropping back down to the 50s again.

But the bigger reason I don't like winter is because it gets dark early. And it's stupid and ridiculous. We basically invented our time system (yeah sure, circadian rhythm and all that, but we put the numbers on it), so in my (so humble) opinion we ought to have it stay light later in the day all year round.

As it is, in the morning we hang out and do breakfast and morning baby naps and such, and then if we have to go out, like we went to the grocery store today, we do that, and then we eat lunch, and then it's time for Ezra's nap, and then by the time he's awake and had a snack it's already getting colder outside because the freaking SUN is GOING DOWN before 4 PM and it's just ridicuous and we should change it.

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Erin said...

We are peas in a pod on this one, Ellie. I firmly believe that cold is anything less than 70 degrees, and I prefer 75+. I also hate wind, rain, snow, and ice. Give me flip flops, t-shirt, and a skirt any day. I seriously would have to be treated for depression if I lived much further north. I would get Seasonal Affective Disorder in a heartbeat in a northern climate. Ugh.