Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things I Now Know

Things I now know:

- A baby in respiratory distress is not a happy creature.

- It is not too difficult to nurse with an oxygen cannula in ones' nose, once you get the hang of it. But it will result in a wonky latch.

- Ari will suck down formula from a bottle and never notice the difference.

- Ari will not spit up when drinking soy formula, but will spit up quite a bit after nursing. (I just stopped eating all dairy.)

- My parents are amazing and I am incredibly indebted to them for their help.

- I can get a lot more sleep with a baby in the hospital than I could ever get with three kids at home. A lot more.

- Azithromycin will, in fact, give Toby diarrhea. And a stomach ache.

- Toby does not like albuterol, saline via nebulizer, or suctioning. I don't blame him.

- The worst part about having a kid in the hospital is having to just stand there while people do things that make him scream.

- I didn't really comprehend how sick my kid was until he started smiling and playing and I thought, "Oh, he hasn't done this in days!"

- After taking care of one baby in the hospital, coming home to 3 kids at once is overwhelming.

- Iam incredibly lucky that my kids are all, on the whole, very healthy.

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Erin said...

oh, Ellie! It sounds like you have had an unbeliveably horrible time. (((hugs))) and prayers for a complete recovery from all sickies for all of you!