Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This and That

While I'm on a roll with posting, I may as well mention that we had a pediatrician's appointment this morning for the babies. They had venous blood draws for hemoglobin levels, which I should find out in the morning. I won't be surprised if they are still very low. It was not so much fun having to sit there while the doctor drew blood from their little arms, but she is so good at it that it didn't take long at all (even on Ari, who is so chubby she thought she might have a hard time with finding a vein). They also got their second dose of the HiB vaccine.

I decided to go ahead and have them get Synagis shots for the rest of the winter. I went back and forth with it, but after talking to the pediatrician about it, and hearing about her conversation with a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and finding out that the copays aren't too steep, I decided to go ahead with it. The risks are minimal, and it could potentially help us avoid another hospitalization. The babies could still catch RSV, but it should be a much milder case.

Tonight Ezra bit his hand really hard and then told me I needed to get a paper towel to fix it. I totally didn't get it until I got the paper towel and put it on his hand and then he saw it and said, "where Ezza blood?" Apparently he wanted to see his blood. I guess because the babies had their blood drawn today, and I had told him about needing to check their iron levels because people need iron in their blood to have energy (at which point he insisted that he did not want to eat iron :p). So I tried to explain a little bit about blood on a level he would understand. He was really interested. So cute.

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