Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Overheard from Ezra

These are verbatim. I'm trying to write some of what he says down because I just love hearing his speech progress!

in his car seat, passing a car dealership: "Mama, look! Lots of balloons on cars!"

Having a tantrum over food :p: "I throw this clementime on the floor!" (he calls them clementiMes)

singing: "Twinkle twinkle little starses, how I wonder what you areses"
that cracked me up
He's been practicing his plurals a lot lately lol

If he thinks I seem upset, he pats me and says, "I know, Mama, I know," in a really soothing voice.

I wish I had recorded more things recently. I don't even remember what it was, but he responded, "ohhh, that awesome!"

And the cutest thing from yesterday: My parents got Ezra a wooden train set for Chanukah. It came in the mail, a big box, yesterday. My father and I were here, and we were standing near the front door as I opened the outer box, and I said, "I want to get this in a closet or something before Ezra sees it." And right on cue, Ezra says from the balcony overhead, "Oh trains! I love trains!" It was hysterical. I just said, "Okay but this has to go away until Chanukah," and he was fine with that. Then yesterday evening my mother was cutting Ezra's hair and he went into their closet and saw the box again and covered his eyes! Somehow he gets that it's supposed to be a secret and he should pretend it is.

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