Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh, Ezra

He's been impossible lately, but he's also adorable. Some things he has said just today:

I asked him if he'd seen the other binky [pacifier] that was in the room. He said, "Might be...misappeared!" Then my mother was leaving and he said, "Don't go, Grandma! Don't go! Ezza crying, that mean I upset!" She left, and he stood on the coffee table and yelled "GRANDMA!!!" at the top of his voice, like she might still be able to hear him somewhere. Then he yelled to me, "Look at me! Look at me!" to get my attention that he was doing something he's not supposed to (standing on the glass coffee table).

Then later I was feeding him lunch and he said, "I love Babba more than cheese."

He adores the train set he got for Chanukah. I should try to get some pictures of him playing with it. I like it a lot, too. I really had a lot of fun building tracks with him and pushing all the trains around.

He's been trying to figure out how to use the word "my". He'll say something like, "Look at me...I...me...I...me shoes." He's trying to decide which word to use, when it should be my. Once in a while he gets it right. It's really cute. (Just after I wrote this he came to me and said, "Look, my toe hurts." So maybe he gets it now.)

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