Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conversations With Ezra II

Out walking yesterday:

Ezra, pointing up at a bird on a wire: "Babba, chicken up there."

Pointing again: "Mama, a squirrel climbing on a house."

(That struck me because it was such a complete sentence. His speech is really picking up!)

Just now, Baruch took Ezra upstairs to get Ari, who had just woken up. I heard over the monitor: "Hi Ari! Good nap?"

Ezra is really into the cleaning lady who comes every other week (my parents have been kind enough to have her come to them only every 2 weeks, so we get the alternate weeks). Now he will make a mess or see something that's a mess and say, "Biiiig mess. Miss Binky clean up." Very matter-of-fact. I have tried to explain that actually I have to clean it up because Miss Vicky only comes every 2 weeks, but to no avail.

Ezra was in the bath yesterday and he talked for about a minute straight in what seemed to be a complete paragraph. I didn't really catch it all though. Something about the water and his cups and pouring the water.

I think there were more that I wanted to record but I can't remember right now! I guess I'll add them if I remember later.

I remembered another: I put a sweater on Ezra to try it for fit for the winter, and he looked down and said, "oh, awesome!" That cracked me up.

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