Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not a Pointless Doctor's Visit

I took the babies to the pediatrician today just to make sure they don't have ear infections. They just haven't been sleeping, and had taken to screaming more often than not, which is very much not their personality. (I only ever took Ezra for sick visits the two times in his life he's been sick. I think I'm much more cautious with the little guys because they were preemies.) So of course the doctor looks them over and pronounces them perfectly healthy (and also mentions that they really seem like 4-month-olds to her, and you'd never know they were born over 9 weeks early <3). BUT, and this is the funny thing: after this visit, the babies spontaneously took a 3-hour nap and got back to their regular selves and played happily and napped well the rest of the day! So they must have heard that they were healthy, too :)

Also, a quick PSA: it is not a good idea to give a toddler just one small piece of chocolate for the ride home. We went to my parents' house for dinner tonight since Baruch will be at the hospital pretty much all night doing work. My mother gave me some chocolates to take home, but Ezra saw them, so I figured I'd give him one. Well, the van was obviously dark, so I was a bit surprised when we got home and I turned around and found this (you should really click on the photo for the full effect):

And for some reason Toby was still wide awake, and Ari woke up when I brought him in. So then I had to deal with both awake babies (I rocked Ari while I nursed Toby, and thankfully Ari went back to sleep until just after I got Ezra to bed). I put Toby to bed and threw a very tired Ezra in the tub, and then finally got Ezra to sleep at about 10:30. Nursed Ari, got him to bed. Then straightend up a bit, wrote this post, and now I'm finally off to bed, where I suspect I will get about 5 minutes of sleep before Toby wakes up for the first time :p

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