Saturday, October 18, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sleep

First, my heart is breaking for the family of Colleen. She will be missed. I can't really think about it, it's just too upsetting.

Anyway, on to my boring life, which I know is incredibly blessed. Of course I'm going to start complaining about it anyway.

I didn't have any caffeine for 4 days. I thought maybe the babies would start to sleep better. Well after last night I went ahead and had a cup of tea this morning, because the babies aren't sleeping at all. I mean I can hardly exaggerate how little sleep I am getting. And all day they took 20 minute naps and then were cranky and tired after being awake for about 45 minutes to an hour. I'm exhausted and I feel very close to losing my sanity.

Last night at 1:30 AM I dragged myself out of bed and to the babies yet again, and this is what I found: Ari mostly asleep but hollering his head off, and Toby wide awake and out of his swaddle, grinning and with a death grip on Ari's ear. I rescued Ari and nursed him back to sleep, but when I went to put him back down, I found Toby eating Ari's swaddling blanket. I managed to take it from him, and he laughed at me. At 1:30 AM. Thankfully he also went back to sleep after I re-swaddled him and gave him his pacifier (it had probably been about 30 minutes from the last time he nursed).

I think it might be time to buy a second crib.

I have some photos I want to post but I don't have the energy right now. Tomorrow the babies will be 6 months old. Their cake is in the oven (the reason I'm still awake when I should be sleeping since I just nursed both babies back to sleep). I still need to make their crowns. Baruch specifically requested half birthday crowns like I made for Ezra. For the little guys I feel a particular urge to celebrate. There were so many times during my pregnancy when we weren't even sure they'd be here with us today. Okay, so maybe they don't sleep, but they sure are adorable.

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