Friday, October 17, 2008


I was reading Ezra a book called The Boy Who Wouldn't Go To Sleep and I finally found where he got the "party and dance all night" line from! It's funny, because we hadn't read the book in a while, but he obviously still remembered the whole thing. This was actually the first book I realized he had memorized, months ago. It's amazing what sponges their minds are at this age!

I was thinking again about the playground yesterday, and I realized that Ezra was acting a bit out of character. He was acting more fearless. He went down the big slide by himself when I wasn't even nearby, for the first time ever. He climbed down the ladders, which I didn't even know he could do. And he was running far from me. These things wouldn't be at all unusual for a kid his age, but they are atypical for him. Ezra has a very strong sense of self-preservation. I don't know if gym class is helping him get over it, or what. Today when we came into the playroom after breakfast he started doing the same wild stuff as yesterday. Oh yeah, he also slid down off our bed facing forwards; this is a kid who needs help to get down backwards because he once, a looong time ago, landed on something and it hurt his foot (very slightly). So all a bit unusual. It could just be that he's growing up, or...I don't know. I wonder if it's something he's eating. The only really new thing is a new kind of cracker and there's nothing unusual in the ingredients. So I don't know.

The babies are so funny. Ari just keeps getting fatter, and if anything Toby is getting thinner. Toby nurses until he's done and then just stops. Ari nurses and nurses and nurses. They are so different. When Ezra is watching Super Why in the mornings, if Toby is in the room he will contort himself into all sorts of strange positions to see the TV. I have to keep him out of the room. Ari will look, but if I turn him away he's fine with that, too. Toby has started laughing a bit, but Ari is still the king of laughter. Now if only they would sleep. I stopped drinking any caffeine at all, and it seems to have helped the problem of them waking up at night wanting to play, but they're still up just as often wanting to nurse.

A few more Ezra-isms I remembered (like I've said before, I'll be glad I've recorded this someday, even if now it seems like overkill):

The other night we were out walking and Ezra saw the full moon. He pointed up and said, "Oh woooow. Look Mama, circle moon!" He also recently pointed to a puddle with raindrops falling in it and said "oh circles!" How amazing to see the world through the eyes of a 2-year-old. Certainly I don't look at raindrops and think circles, but there they are, plain as can be.

He calls peanut butter "pea-bo". That one is beginning to fade as his speech gets clearer.

And he always sniffs things and says, "smellls good." Random things. He just sniffed a picture of a lobster in an atlas and said that. Then I showed him where we live in South Carolina and he said, "Ohhh yes, I love that."

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