Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two screaming, exhausted babies who won't nap. One 2-year-old who won't nap who decides it's a perfect time to poop in his diaper. Causing the entire living room to smell like a sewer. Oh yeah, and the bath tub where I was planning on giving Ezra a bath this afternoon has a COCKROACH crawling in it. (Time to call for my quarterly exterminator visit, obviously.)

This is when I feel like giving up.

Of course now Ari is napping, Toby is happily playing in the exersaucer (I seriously needed some space and a few minutes to myself), and Ezra, with a clean diaper, is enjoying some imposed quiet time. He doesn't really buy my insistence that if he doesn't nap he has to have quiet time, but I think he could tell I was serious today.

This morning we rushed out to get to the early gym class. I prefer the Tuesday class because it's a nice mix of people and at a much better time, later in the morning. But Tuesday was the first day of Sukkos so we went today. And the babies basically cried the whole time. Ezra was clingy, there were only 4 kids there including Ezra, and the babies cried. Tons of fun. In the end Ezra did enjoy himself, thankfully. Then I thought things were going well after we had a successful trip to the grocery store. We got out and I sat Ezra in the car eating a muffin, nursed both babies and put them back in their seats, and started to get ready to go. At which point all hell broke loose: the babies started screaming (they had barely napped since early morning), Ezra starts crying that he absolutely needs water, or better yet "special treat" (chocolate soy milk), and I suddenly have to pee really badly. I gave Ezra some chocolate soy milk in his cup and managed to get in the driver's seat without wetting myself. Hoping beyond hope that Ezra would fall asleep on the way home, and the babies would too, and I'd get a little bit of a break. No dice.

Now I'm holding Toby, as he got sick of the exersaucer. Ezra is really being quite good about his quiet time, although he keeps asking me to read things to him. I remind him that there are 10 minutes of quiet time left. But it's nearing an end. Toby is now fussing. It's time to change his diaper and figure out if I can get him to nap too. At which point I assume Ari will be up. And in a bit I'll start to read to Ezra, probably the same book over and over until my brain goes numb. What's left of my brain, that is.

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