Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Which Ezra Goes Batty

Well, after I wrote my last post I played with Ezra: did some puzzles, read some books, and then together we cleaned up almost the entire playroom. Of course I also nursed and played with and took care of the babies. And then the strangest thing happened: Ezra just went bonkers. It was like he was manic. Out of the blue he started dumping all of his toys out again, and then digging through them like a dog sort of, and pushing them all over the floor, and then he found a toy car and started driving it around the floor while pushing blocks and books, at a ridiculously fast pace, all the while making insane noises. Honestly it started freaking me out after a bit. He threw his car so I took it away from him, and rather than get upset he just picked up a big block and started doing the exact same thing with it. He was just acting so unlike himself. Wild. I asked how he was feeling and he said, "Good. Happy good." Then I asked if he wanted to go play outside so he could run around, and he looked out the window and said, "No, no go play out there. Play outside, cars jump on me." Uh huh. I even videoed about 5 minutes just because it was so crazy. Finally I got everybody out and we went to the playground, where Ezra proceeded to run back and forth across a very large field for a loooong time. The child loves to run and has for a long time, but I've never seen him run quite that much. But other than that, once we were at the playground he was acting totally normal. He hadn't napped, and almost fell asleep on the way there, but had plenty of energy to play while there. Thankfully he did fall asleep on the way home, although it took a little extra driving.

Of course when I got home Ezra was asleep but both babies were awake. So I played with them for a while, and then put them down to go to sleep. Ari went to sleep fine but Toby, on top of his pacifier-pulling problem from last night, has become Houdini, and kept getting out of his swaddle and pulling out his pacifier. Baruch came home and was dealing with him, but I didn't realize that Baruch hadn't re-swaddled him, so by the time I realized he wasn't going back to sleep it was too late and even though I nursed him again he is now awake. So, 9:15 PM and at least Ezra and Ari are sleeping. I'm going to go to bed and leave Toby for Baruch. It's been a very long day. Tomorrow morning I have to get up and bathe both babies, take a shower myself, and then at some point tomorrow I need to bathe Ezra (who is actually completely sand-encrusted from the playground...going to have to change all the sheets tomorrow too I think). In the morning we plan to go to my grandparents' house to play, and then in the afternoon I will hopefully cook and clean a bit. Baruch won't be home at all this weekend, but he will be home next Tuesday for Shemini Atzeres, yet another holiday (we have quite a lot this year, huh? lol). It's actually just the first of the last two days of Sukkos, and also a holiday in its own right. (After Sukkos nothing until Chanukah, which is a minor holiday anyway.)

Sigh. Tomorrow will be calmer. Just think pretty thoughts.

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